If you are a small business owner or you are just starting out, you might think -like many- that you do not need a website yet. You might consider starting up using social media. Or maybe you can’t afford a professional website and think you can just do it yourself. One day.

Unless if you are not interested in growing your business or you are about to retire and travel the world, your business needs a website to grow. Ideally, one that won’t consume weeks of your time and ends up looking, well… home made.

Here are some of the reasons your business needs a website:

  • Your customers expect it

Your website is your online image. Your clients might want to check your catalog, your services or might talk about you to a friend. In all cases they will … google you. They will either find a nice website and be positively surprised or have to try again. And then they might consider to just drop by. And then they just went somewhere else because it was more convenient. With no business website, today’s digital-savvy and impatient customers may look elsewhere.

  • You can reach more potential clients

You can reach thousand potential customers. People are looking for your products or services every day. Online. The answer to what they are looking for is just at their fingertips. And you would better be there too.

  • It is an investment

No more money wasted in flyers and brochures. You just pay for a website once and your business is out there.  You may update the content, add products and services, link it to social media… the sky is the limit!

  • Your competitors have websites

And you might think that having a social media page is a good start to get you out there and beat the competition. The way Google detects websites and social media pages is different. If a client searches for you but you have no website, there is a very good chance that Google will suggest him the second best option: your competition.

  • A website builds credibility

You must admit that you have searched online to find a product or a service. After a long -or short- search you picked the business with the better website. You will never know if the other business was actually a better choice. You just went to the business that looked more.. professional. Bingo.

  • It is an asset

It simply adds value to your business. Try to ask the bank for a business loan without having a business website.


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